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Aerial Cables

ADSS Cables


All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable is ideal for aerial installation in distribution as well as transmission environment without the support of messenger wire. Installation is achieved in a single pass, making ADSS an economical and simple means of building a fiber optic network.
All dialectical materials make it immune to lightning strikes, superior moisture resistance, ultra-lightweight and adaptable, easy handling and installation.
Application are LAN, WAN, cable TV, rural communication, power networks, railway networks, mountainous terrain, and ultra-high tensile strength

Fig-8 Cables


Figure 8 Cables are Self -Supporting cables designed for aerial installation. The strength member used to provide strength for aerial installations, can be of Steel Messenger wires or Fiber re-enforced Plastics.
Fig-8 cables are used in aerial installations of all networks related to FTTX, LAN, Cable TV, etc,

It is available in both armored and unarmored designs. 2 to 12 fibers. Higher fiber counts are available on request.

CLT Round Cables


Characterized by light weight and small diameter, suitable for both aerial and duct installation. Central loose tube cable design contains only one tube with 2 – 24 fibers, filled with water blocking gel. Either aramid yarn or fiber glass wound around the tube to provide physical protection and tensile strength. The cable can be jacketed with either PE or LSZH.