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Duct Cables

Duct Cables

Duct designs are used for deployment of cables in ducts. Telecommunications companies rely on fiber optic ducts to build and improve their networks. Optical fiber, ducts make it easier lay optical fiber cables in a lesser time and cost than buried cables. LTE duct cables offer High tensile strength for pulling in ducts, Kink resistant, Flexible and installation with less bending radius

Standard Duct Cables


Applications include short-haul, Long-haul optical networks, LAN, Cable TV, Inter exchange system, etc.


Premium duct Cables


Premium Duct cables offer more strength over Standard duct designs. By introducing Co-polymer aluminium tape , it increases resistance against moisture.


Ultralite Duct Cables


Light weight with high tensile strength, suitable for aerial or duct installations in LAN, WAN, Cable TV, Inter exchange systems.
Features include Kink resistant All di-electric, resistant to lightning strikes, flexible and ultra-lightweight, Easy handling and installation, Less bending radius.