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FTTH/GPON Solutions

FTTH/GPON Solutions

Fiber-To-The-home (FTTH) or Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is a solution which provides greater bandwidth along with longer reach, offering Triple play services (Data, Voice, Video) on a single fiber. As compared to other broadband access technologies such as DSL, VDSL, and cable/modem, FTTH/GPON offers tremendous compelling advantages. Rapid advancement in the electronic equipment coupled with more electricity requirement in distribution layer has made copper networks un-affordable. Now FTTH deployment is the ultimate affordable choice for the telecom operators which could result in long term returns for service providers, housing societies, municipal authorities, etc.

ODN Design


Designing a network has direct impacts on either cost, or deployment time, or both. Our Network designing teams optimize the designing to the extent where both the Investment Cost and the Operational Cost remain minimum for its customers. We conduct overall evaluation of network designs while considering both the quantitative and qualitative aspects.


Passive Components



An enclosure that provides connection between fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in the outside plant segment of the network. These FDH cabinets provide a single distribution point to deploy FTTH in urban or dense neighborhoods.




Fiber Access Terminal Box (FAT) is a small fiber management box used for fiber cabling and cable management in FTTx cabling. It serves as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect to the drop cable within the FTTx network infrastructure. This box integrates fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution while also providing outstanding protection and control for FTTx network development. The Fiber Access Terminal Boxes can be wall or pole mounted.


Splitters / Couplers


An integrated waveguide optical power distribution device that can split an incident light beam into two or more light beams, and couple multiple light beams into one. Splitters are installed in each optical network between the PON optical line termination (OLT) and the optical network unit (ONU) that the OLT serves. These optical splitters are very compact, efficient, and reliable. The wavelength support on the splitters are between 1230nm and 1650nm.

Splitters come into many configurations, for example:
1 x 8 Splitter
1 x 32 Splitter
1 x 64 Splitter

Fiber couplers are fiber devices for coupling light from one or several input fibers to one or several output fibers, or from free space into a fiber.


Optical Distribution Cabinets / Frames (ODFs)


An essential supporting device to terminate and distribute fiber cables in the optical transmission system. It is mainly used for fiber fusion splicing of the optical cable terminal, the installation of optical connectors, the deployment of optical paths, the storage of excess pigtails, and the protection of optical fibers. Hence, functions of fiber connection, termination, distribution, dispatch, and cable management are centralized in one apparatus. The fiber distribution frame is of significance for the safe operation and flexible deployment of the optical fiber networks.

An ODF can be rack-mounted or wall-mounted depending upon its application.